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The effects of sunlight on your car

Have you found that the colour of your car has started to fade, which could be due to the fact that your car has been exposed to a lot of direct sunlight which can have a major effect on the exterior of your car. Your car can begin to look old and worn if it has been affected badly by sunlight but if this happens then you no longer have to worry as here at Fleetcare we can make sure that your car looks as good as new thanks to our re-spraying services.

Here at Fleetcare our spray workshop has one of the most desired spray booths that is available when it comes to car respraying. This spraying booth allows us to respray your car to perfection in the perfect environment that is completely dust free, has been set to the correct extraction facilities and is also capable of baking the paint to the perfect temperature to ensure a long lasting and quality finish for your car.

The sheer size of our spray booth allows us to tackle almost any size car which includes vehicles such as limousines and hearses so you can be rest assured that your car respray is done to perfection. Get in touch with us to book your car in for a respray.

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