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Buying a Used Car – The Pitfalls of Bodywork

Buying a Used Car – The Pitfalls of Bodywork

Here at Fleetcare Accident Repair Centre we spend a great deal of our time not only restoring cherished cars or carrying out accident repairs but also dealing with spruce ups of second hand car purchases.

Buying a second hand car does not always end in terror and quite frankly with a few quick checks on the surface anyone, even untrained eyes, can pick out potential problems with bodywork.

The best way to begin is with a little research to the common faults the car your looking for may have, especially things not so obvious on first glance. Once your happy mechanically (not our forte) we suggest you look at the following steps.

Remember its always advisable to take a specialist or someone qualified to fully advise before you make a purchase however here are a few things to look out for.


Rust or Corrosion Checks

Any car bodywork is best checked in good light (preferably daylight not artificial garage light) and from the inside and outside of the car.

Rust is most obvious on wings, sills and below bumpers as these areas are most commonly chipped or left open to the elements. If you find even the smallest patch of rust, press gently on it and listen carefully for a cracking sound. If there is no sound then your relatively safe as corrosion has not set in and the repair will be much cheaper. If however you hear cracking please think carefully about what you pay for the vehicle as corrosion can be an expensive repair.

Look for signs of rust under the wheel arches, or around the corners of the windscreen or around the door frame. If there are, get an expert to check these areas.

Finally look at the car for mismatches in bodywork or paint as this would be an indicator that the car has been in an accident or had previous repairs done. If in doubt feel free to get a picture of the vehicle your considering purchasing and send it to us for some free advice.

We are always on hand to help and advise so feel free to get in touch with Nottinghams leading accident repair centre today to make sure that your second hand car purchase is an easy process that will not end in disaster.

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