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How To Drive More Efficiently

Recently, you may have realised that petrol prices have increased by quite a noticeable amount. Due to tensions in the Middle East, the price of crude oil has increased and therefore the price of petrol has also increased to try and help slow down inflation and discourage those from using up too much fuel. We…
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Why Have Windscreen Chips Repaired

When it comes to windscreen chip repairs, it will always be a priority to try and repair a stone chipped windscreen before a full windscreen replacement, this will help to save you both time and money. A chip may develop into a crack at any time and often when you least expect it, that’s why…
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7 Driving Laws You May be Unaware Of

Driving Laws You Must Know The UK motoring laws are constantly changing which can make it incredibly hard for drivers to keep up with. For those who have passed their test some time ago, it can be more difficult to understand which laws are happening now. In the eyes of the law, being naïve just…
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Car Cleaning Tips

Here at Fleetcare, we’re proud to offer car accident repairs in Nottingham and the surrounding areas. This has not only opened numerous doors for us with car repairs, but it’s allowed us to become skilled at cleaning cars expertly too. Now that we have cracked the code for cleaning cars to a professional standard, we’d…
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