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Maintain and Prolong your Tyres

How to get the most out of your tyres

With a wealth of experience in the motor industry and having worked on a range of vehicles, at Fleetcare Arc, you can trust that you’re in the right hands. Having extensive knowledge and experience means we can support and help customers with a number of issues and...
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Reducing your fuel consumption

Tips to reduce your fuel consumption


A clean engine

It’s a known fact that a clean engine works much more efficiently and uses less fuel, so keeping your engine clean is the key to a fuel efficient vehicle. Ensuring that your car is serviced regularly is a great way to make sure everything has been cleaned out,...
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Signs that your car battery is ready to be replaced

When it comes to replacing your car battery, it’s not always a simple task. Over time your car battery will deteriorate, especially in the winter months which can put an increased strain on the battery. When it comes to Spring you may experience your battery’s condition becoming so worse that your car won’t run properly....
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The Latest in Car Tech

  The way of life is constantly evolving and technology is leading the way, especially when it comes to car development and already this year we have seen amazing advancements in artificial driving intelligence, car connectivity and the overall driving experience. Car manufacturers have also highlighted the attention on electric cars and autonomous car technology with safety...
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